Things to Know about Entertainment Lawyers

  • Ever heard about entertainment lawyers? Do you have an idea of what they do? Just like many lawyers working on other fields of practice, entertainment lawyers perform different tasks and take different roles. They normally focus on one sector of the entertainment industry such as television, music, and film. And yet, according to entertainment lawyers in Hong Kong, their practice involves different areas of the law including intellectual property law, contracts, labor and employment, and more. Here’s more things you should know about entertainment lawyers and their job.

    Tasks and Practice

    Entertainment lawyers’ basic responsibilities include contracts and rights reviews, contract preparation and negotiation, and distribution deals. They are typically in charge with development and production contracts for all sorts of talents such as writers, directors, actors, or recording artists. They also draft agreements for sponsorships, co-production investments, and similar investments.


    Some of them work as personal lawyers of celebrities, while most of them work with the agents and managers who handle the projects of celebrities. Entertainment lawyers may also work as legal advisors of studio and network executives and producers, and may work alongside other attorneys from the same or another practice area.

    These lawyers can work as an in-house attorney or in a law firm. Television networks, music studios, and movie companies usually have in-house legal departments lead by experienced entertainment attorneys. 

    Furthermore, these legal practitioners also work closely with other lawyers or law firms that focus on certain fields such as trademark, copyright, as well as labor and employment.

    Common Cases with Celebrities

    The most common legal concerns handled by entertainment lawyers involving celebrities include:

    • Contract concerns between the manager and the talent

    • Legal concerns between a celebrity and the TV network or film production they are affiliated with

    • Problems between a celebrity and another celebrity.

    The job of an entertainment lawyer involves a number of legal areas across various fields of practice. They are a part of almost every TV show, music release, or movie that we all enjoy.  Without them, the entertainment industry would not be as glamorous, for sure.


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